By default this starter is configured to be deployed to Vercel, but you can easily change the hosting provider.

When you ran npx create-remix@latest there were a few choices for hosting. You can run that again to create a new project, then copy over your app/ folder to the new project that's pre-configured for your target server.

cd ..
# create a new project, and pick a pre-configured host
npx create-remix@latest
cd my-remix-app
# remove the new project's app (not the old one!)
rm -rf app
# copy your app over
cp -R ../my-old-remix-app/app app
cp -R ../my-old-remix-app/public public
# you also need to move all the files in the root folder to the new application
⁠# when copying the package.json, be careful because a few packages are installed when using a hosting provider